All the tricks and codes of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (PC)

Before performing the tricks, the first is to know where to put the tricks, and these can be used in any mode of the game, very important is that in Skirmish mode if you want to play with them, you must first activate the corresponding tab. Remember that all these tricks and keys are valid both the 1997 version and the 2018 Definitive Edition.

When we are in full game, press enter, we will open the chat and there write the corresponding tricks, to know if we have written it well, what we have written on the screen will not appear.

Tricks To Get More Resources

First, we tell you all the tricks to get more resources in the game like gold, food, stone and wood.

  • pepperoni pizza:1,000 food
  • coinage: 1,000 gold
  • quarry : 1,000 stone
  • woodstock: 1,000 wood

Tricks For Units And Special Vehicles

  • Bigdaddy: the black sports car with a rocket launcher
  • Big Momma: The White Sports Car
  • photon man: Get a soldier with a laser weapon
  • pow: Get a baby with rocket launchers.
  • stormbilly : We unlock the Zug 209 robot. As a funny fact, it refers to the ED 209 robot from the Robocop movie.
  • E = MC2 TROOPER: We dedicate to the Nunke Trooper, a robot with a nuclear weapon.
  • Jellyfish: Transforms all peasants into jellyfish.
  • King Arthur: transform birds into dragons.
  • Flying Dutchman: Transforms catapults and destroyers into the Flying Flying Dutchman.
  • Black rider: transform horse archers and heavy archers into Black Riders.
  • Jack be nimble: Siege teams throw cows or villagers.
  • Big Bertha: Transforms the different catapult models into Great Berta, a terrible catapult.
  • Steroids: Units, buildings and improvements are created instantly; the same goes for resources, which are achieved in a heartbeat.
  • hoyohoyo: Priests get an increase in power by 600.
  • Gaia : we can control the animals, but we will stop controlling our villagers.
  • upsidflintmobile: archers on cars increase the speed of shooting and movement.

Tricks To Win Or Lose The Game

Do you want to win the game? Well, we bring you the best tricks to win the victory, or if by chance you want to lose instantly, we also have the trick you need.

  • diediedie: All our enemies die instantly, and we win the game
  • hari kari: All user units die and therefore lose the game.
  • Home run: You win the game instantly
  • resign: You lose the game.

Tricks For The Map

How annoying not to see the map completely, right? Well do not worry, we bring you the tricks to see the map and the fog does not bother you the game.

  • no fog: We eliminate the annoying fog from the map
  • reveal map: It shows us the whole map instantly.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, developed by Forgotten Empires and edited by Microsoft for PC, is a completely remastered new version of the real-time strategy classic with 4K support, multiplayer through Xbox Live and new modelling, textures and interface that commemorate the 20 years of such a popular saga.