Cooking Fever Cheat - Unlimited gold and gems

By | 06/06/2021

Today let’s meet for a simple cheat dedicated to Cooking Fever. This is a game that I really enjoy which is very addictive but where everyone encounters some difficulties because of the gems and gold in particular. This Cooking Fever Cheat is just going to help you to get unlimited gold and gems.

These resources will be used to buy new objects for your kitchen and to open new restaurants.

I received a lot of e-mails from users who asked me to create a good cheat for Cooking Fever since the community of this game is growing.

Features of the Cooking Fever Cheat

This is a cheat quite useful to the extent that your restaurant fills very quickly, and that you do not have enough kitchen equipment for cooking such as certain foods. When this happens, customers become frustrated, and unfortunately you do not pass the levels.

The main advantage of this Cooking Fever Cheat is you can use it with no risk as it’s legal. Everything (resources) will be unlocked from the game itself. You will be able to earn gold which will be very useful to improve your kitchen and save you time, but also gems to open new restaurants and unlock high-value items. Of course, I tested this Cooking Fever cheat on my Android tablet and on my iPhone and I got the resources in the same way.

As I often pointed out, this Hack is not necessary but will really make life easier.

Introducing the game Cooking Fever

As the game, Dinner Dash, Cooking Fever is a successor but more focused on the kitchen. In fact, you are going to prepare delicious meals for your customers while ensuring that they are not waiting for hours for you to serve. For this, you will be able to design your restaurant to help them waiting while you are cooking, improve your kitchen (buy new hotplates, oven).

You will also be able to prepare new meals that you’ll unlock through the levels of the game. Finally, you will also have to open new restaurants in order to increase your sales. The game is composed of resources that are gems and gold and which are essential, of course. You collect the gold naturally, when you finish the levels, as you sell your products to customers, but the gems are more time-consuming to obtain.

Sometimes, you don’t have enough gold so you can’t improve your kitchen and you are stuck since you can’t finish the levels. This is the reason why we offer you our Cooking Fever cheat that will help you complete the levels quickly and without difficulty. You will finally be able to show your talent.

Cooking Fever is for me one of the best cooking games that exist on mobile because it is very addictive and has attracted millions of users. Cooking Fever has just deserved his success. I wish you all a very good game !

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