Moviestarplanet Hack - Starcoins and Diamonds Unlimited

If you want to become a star and a VIP in Moviestarplanet, you’re at the right place ! As you can see, you have to be known and wealthy to meet new friends which is not so easy. Resources are very important to buy new items like clothes, accessories.

Unefortunately, Starcoins and Diamonds are not unlimited and are very easy to spend and you certainly don’t have enough of them to upgrade to a VIP account.

Our Moviestarplanet hack is a cheat to help you to get free diamonds and starcoins faster. You will be a VIP and enjoy many more features.

Download our Moviestarplanet cheat below !


Our Moviestarplanet Hack

As we said, Moviestarplanet Hack will give your diamonds and starcoins easily, so you will be able to buy many more items in the game and specially the VIP mode.

If you unlock the VIP mode, you will be more known than the classic account and there are so many other benefits.

Moviestarplanet Hack is a legal cheat, which means you will receive resources from the game directly and you will never see your account banned or blocked.

Be careful if you see hacks on Youtube or other websites which can ask you for password or program installation. Most of them contains viruses and can steal your account.

Our Moviestarplanet Hack does not work with a program and there’s no software installation, so you have no risk of being hacked.


Moviestarplanet : the game

Moviestarplanet gives you the oppotunity to become a film star like Hollywood and get a great fame between all players all over the world ! To accomplish this dream, you will have to buy and customize your own house, and change your appearance like clothes, hairstyle. You will also challenge your friend to get more experience XP and unlock many items.

The aim of the game is to show you the real actor carreer , so you will have to pay attention about your reputation and show your talent. Everything is managed with two currencies : diamonds and starcoins. You can also buy with real money these diamonds or starcoins but our Moviestarplanet hack helps you to get thme without using your money !

Movistarplanet is a good game which does not require any installation as you just need an internet browser. No need to update the game !


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