Simcity BuildIt Cheat - Get Simcash and Simflooz

By | 01/06/2021

I love SimCity BuildIt but I always notice the Simcash and especially the Simflooz are the main problem of the game. For example, if you construct a lot of buildings such as large buildings or facilities useful for your Sims, you will notice that the Simcash are very valuable. Today, I will show you SimCity BuildIt cheat, which will allow you to get these Simcash and Simflooz unlimited.

I have searched for quite a long time a few tricks or hacks but after many attempts, no one worked well on my phone.

This SimCity BuildIt cheat I have found is quite interesting since and you won’t miss more anything by trying it ! You will be able to build all the buildings you want and make your Sims happy.

How does this SimCity BuildIt Cheat work ?

As all cheats you can find on this website, I try to find the simplest tips for you. For this SimCity BuildIt cheat, the operation is the same with some small differences though. As I said earlier, you will be able to get Simflooz and Simcash very quickly and unlimited. In fact, you will have the possibility to re-use this trick to obtain again these resources. Another advantage is that our cheat is completely legal and you will be able to use these Simcash to buy all the buildings and everything you need to make happy your inhabitants. In just about a week, I got a giant city with great skyscrapers.

You think a big city is difficult to manage, but in reality, when you have enough Simfloozyou will see that SimCity BuildIt is a very interesting game and not a puzzle !
Most of the time, I play SimCity BuildIt on Android tablet, the cheat works very well on it. I also have an iPhone and according to my tests, there is no problem to use this SimCity BuildIt cheat on the Apple devices. You can use it the same way on all your devices including tablets (iPad, Android).

A short preview of SimCity BuildIt

If you are already a Sims fan, you have already tested SimCity on PC. This time, Electronic Arts has adapted this series on mobile phones. There are a lot of games construction and management of cities on Android, but honestly, SimCity BuildIt is the best of its kind. You have to be strategical and know how to spend properly your Simflooz and your Simcash. Of course at the beginning of the game, you are often tempted to construct many buildings and it is very expensive. Thanks to this cheat, resources won’t be a problem and you will be able to get all the resources to build a giant city and it will be easy to administer it.
On SimCity BuildIt, you will also have to handle your city ecnonomy like the shops, the taxes and even sign contracts.
In terms of performance, SimCity BuildIt works very well. If you play on a tablet which is not recent, you’ll have no problem to make the game run properly even if your city is quite extensive.
SimCity BuildIt is for me the best building game on mobile and you won’t be bored for sure !

I wish you all a very good game and be rich in Simflooz and Simcash !

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